Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Invest in some software, please!

Just a rant (not directly Irish-related) to get something off my chest.

If you were running a university that was composed of 13 colleges spread across most of a country, and had 50 extra "learning centres" spread across that same country, would you not put a bit of money into some timetable scheduling software?

Wouldn't that be a bit better than having administrators at each of your colleges individually sorting out timetables then phoning each other to sort out the one or two students who chose to take a module from one of the other colleges as an option?

My problems at the moment come because one overworked individual didn't notice that I was doing a particular course -- a course that is part of my basic degree pathway.  She shouldn't have needed to notice anything -- that's what we have computers for now.

So I'm probably going to have to pick another module (instead of Irish), but I'm completely stumped because the lack of central timetabling means there's no place where I can go and see which modules are available from other colleges that don't clash with the courses I'm taking already.  So it may well take me another week to work out what to do, and in that time, I'll be getting behind in whichever class I do end up taking.

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