Thursday, 2 February 2012

That seems to be that.

As I didn't know whether the college was going to be able to sort out the timetable, I went through the system again searching for other courses I might take, and I found a course in anatomy and physiology that I could follow as a distance course.

I haven't managed to register on it yet, as the so-called self-registration system requires a code that you've got to get of the course teachers.

So after getting in touch with the other college and getting information (although without managing to actually enroll), my college got back to me with a revised timetable, but a timetable that the teacher didn't like and didn't think was good for the students.

So I'll do the anatomy then -- no point causing other people grief, and I've been wanting to do some anatomy for a long time anyway.

The fun part, though, is the sheer disbelief of some people -- it's not really what you expect from someone who speaks and studies multiple languages.  Dropping a language course for anatomy?  Superficially not my style.  But then again, I'm supposed to be a polymath, so it's high time I got a new discipline under my belt anyway!

(This doesn't mean I won't be learning Irish - part of me quite likes the idea of going up to the teacher at the end of the year and having a conversation in Irish, pointing out that I would have been fine even with the reduced contact hours.  However, that's might not be enough to motivate me, and I've got plenty of things to be getting on with this year, and so I won't be able to let Irish get in the way.  So I'll give it a go, but I won't be under the same pressure from deadlines so it might not go quite as well.  We shall see.)

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